What Happened

So one would think that something was honestly wrong with me, because I haven't been expressing myself like I usually would. And honestly there isn't anything wrong with that. Sometimes it's best to close your thoughts and look and hear a situation. You will learn so much more like that. I have taken this time to move in a way that would seem uncharacteristic to me, and it is working way better than how I normally move. I have been looking into different religious, herbal, medicinal and spiritual ways to handle my life. The parts I like about each I use and have been in a real calm space. Now don't get me wrong, things are still happening and I will still talk about them, I'm just feeling like now is not the time to discuss them. My life is no better than anyone else's, there is still love, loss, drama, and peace in it. I'm just in a peaceful mindset and don't want to harp on the drama of it. #Power #Perfect

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