The Real

I know I have missed writing a few blogs, but life caught up with me. I had been dealing with a stressful situation as a newly divorcee, but I am slowly getting it under wraps. I have people who intentionally try to put me in stress. Like I make my own, I really don't need the extra help. But one day you will get the full scope of what has happened to me. I made a statement that when I saw someone it would be on sight, and just to prove a point they were brought in my space. Now there are several ways that I could have handled this. 1. On sight (Like I said) or 2. Disappear. I definitely wanted option one, but my children were home and I really feel like dude is trying me, so I chose option 2. I went to my room and am patiently waiting for them to leave. To tell the truth I was upset, because he knew what efforts I was making for the kids and he messaged me saying that the girl wanted the kids so that they could do something with him. Right now it is 9:22 pm. WTF can a 5 and 7 year old do at that time? But that's besides the point. They are very smart and will start to see the real, just like I did. To love someone who only cares about the image they put out and getting their dick wet is the most hurtful love. Oh well to each their own. You can only hide the real you for so long.

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