The Problem

Updated: Aug 15

03/14/21: In a nutshell the problem is and will always be that everything that I was attracting to me was why I felt I deserved. For whatever reason I was stuck in this ideal that I didn’t deserve more than what I was getting. My brain had settled before it was anything to settle for. I don’t live my life in regret, but I am doing a cycle. Last year was my 5th A of 7. On 2/22 I was completely tired of how I was living my life. So at 36 I am tired of bs. And instead of shying away from my greatness and me being an amazing woman and look at it head on and play chicken with it. I am refusing to be treated like I was in the past and I’m refusing to be that same person. I have finally accepted myself for all that I am. Look in the mirror people and ask this question: Who am I?

08/15/22: Sometimes I have to come back and make revisions. That was easer said then done, for real. But as I look back on this year, I'm honestly happy. I have chosen to be more honest, more open and more of myself. I still have some work to do, however negative energy from others and even myself is not allowed. I smile more and I like it. Makes me feel like it's all really going to be alright. Until next time the question has changed from Who am I? to Who do I want to be? And for me the answer is always better than I was yesterday.

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