As October winds down, I would like to remind all women, and men to tell their women, to check the breast. This is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and it is a time where we remember the scares, the survivors and the ones we lost to the battle of breast cancer. My family suffered a lot with this because we have fibrous tissues. My sister, who is 34 now, found a lump that had to be removed while she was still serving this country. It wasn’t cancerous, but it was still scary. But when your 76 year-old grandmother has a confirmed cancer, what do you do? What are the options that can keep my grandmother here with us? Her choice was radiation. But this leaves her immune system weak. So anytime we visit we take extra precautions not to get her sick, because she still has more to teach us. My mother found a lump. The good thing about that is she found it doing her self-checks. She’s a nurse so she knows how important they are. Once she went to the doctor’s they did a mammogram and now she must do them routinely. The lump hasn’t grown, and she is living her best life. Now me, I was scared, had been feeling the lump since Thanksgiving and really didn’t want to be told that I had X amount of time to spend with my kids. So, it took me until January to get it checked. I got a mammogram at 34 right before my birthday, but it was inconclusive. I had to do a biopsy. I have an identifying marker in my right breast, but it wasn’t cancer.

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