Personal Growth

I would spend hours sometimes even days trying to force people to conform to what I want them to be, not really knowing what I wanted for myself

The thing is sometimes you have to sit in a dark room to see yourself clearly.

And as much I try to avoid who I am it keeps sneaking back up

Now don’t get me wrong I’m alright

But the things I’ve done that I have no shame for I probably need to rethink that.

At this moment I can’t stand in the past, I have to move forward and make a conscious effort to be better and do better.

As much as I want to say do better for my kids I actually need to do better for me.

I was in denial, had blinders on and couldn’t see the forest for the trees.

I stay up late at night thinking why not me

And you know what the answer is simple it’s not me because I don’t feel like it should be

The truth, though, is that remember the shame I said I don’t feel? I am ashamed.

At how I allowed myself to go so low, feel so useless and still let pride overtake my life.

I accept my strength to move on

I am proud of my determination

And most importantly I deserve greatness because greatness is in me. I just have to keep throwing out the trash

Remember my dear readers that every day is a new day to take the steps needed to be amazing. And as my sister says “Life is amazing, if you’re amazing

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