Mental Health in Relationships 3

So it’s been a few weeks and I honestly thought I would have more than 3 posts this month, but oh well. Everything happens for a reason. So earlier this year I started talking to a new guy (nature did not work out at all) Conversation lasted for weeks before talks of sex. I mean I’m grown so I know what I like. I digress, met him about 3 weeks ago and still felt that same vibe. He asked if I wanted to be in a relationship and of course you know me (or should) I said yasssss. Your girl is in a relationship😀, so boom, my damn mind gets me. I know I have issues, that’s why I’m an advocate of mental health, but this mind of mine got to running from one tangent to another and I was on the verge of messing up. By messing up I mean going off and ending something that may possibly be the best thing I’ve ever had in my life. And you know what I did? I called my friends, I drank (did not help) and I took my medicine (oddly, did not help) my mind kept racing on the tangents until my BFF asked what I told her? Of course I pretty much told her she had a good man and roll with what he had going on, so that’s what I’m going to do. Roll with the flow. Get out of my own way and chill

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