Mental Health in Relationships 1

May is mental health awareness month and I personally have mental health issues. Maybe you could tell by my other blogs, but I’m telling that’s for another time. I want to talk about relationships. I have been trying to date since October of last year after being divorced since August and honestly this whole ordeal is messing with my mental. From being on cloud 9 to feeling like I wasn’t worth dating. And at one point I started feeling worthless, but what do you do when trying to find the one mixes with your constant battle with anxiety and depression? Well, for me, I keep pushing. No the calm voice person, the nature one, the older guy, the spiritual one didn’t work, but he’s out there. As the weeks go on you might notice that I am posting more than usual. This isn’t just about my journey with mental health and relationships this is about yours too, so dig deep and wonder how has your mental health been effected by your relationships and vice versa. I close by saying 1. Positivity shows us where the negativity is coming from and 2. Protect your mind ✌🏾

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