I Finally Did It

In March 2020 we were hit with a devastating blow by the name of COVID-19. There are many conspiracies, but I'm not discussing that. I lost my logistic job and started working another job. Now, as you all know I was hit with a lot of other things that I've jumped in and out of discussing, so I wasn't really prepared to work again. I lost that one as well, and so from June until now I was concentrating on my businesses, Dymin in the Ruff and Kre8tive Dymins. Not to mention, I added on JuJu Flowers for my baby girl. I needed slow my mind down and in the mist of slowing it down I realized I was broke. Yeah my circle has been telling me to get a job, but I have always been the type that when I was ready to work I would. And sure enough: I had finally put my mind to it and I found a job. Still working under Dymin in the Ruff as a contractor for logistics. So, I am excited on the things that I can learn to add to my business portfolio.

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