Breast Cancer Awareness

Every October we focus on Breast Cancer Awareness. But, ladies we are actually supposed to check every month around our period. What do you do when you are doing your self check and you feel a lump? I personally started freaking out. Thinking of all the what if possibilities, thinking of my children, and most importantly thinking of how my life would be different. I started making drastic choices. I cut all my hair off in preparation of chemo, and still had no real confirmation of what was going on with me. White blood cell count was high, energy was low. Lymph nodes swollen, I was fighting something. Maybe I was fighting myself. Now even though I don't have cancer and never did, I see a cancer/hematologist. My body fights itself, but I'm not scared, I just look at the positive and think of my babies. My lumps are a part of my breast and aren't cancerous, but it is something that the women in my family have to keep an eye on. So as another October rolls around and I look at the women in my family who have had that fear, and one who is a survivor of that fear, I smile and know that we are strong and we will survive.

I think of my grandmother, mother, aunts, sister and myself and sing I'm a survivor, I'm going to make it.

Check yourself ladies, not just in October, but every month so that we can be here to continue to watch our children, nieces and nephews grow and raise families of their own. And if you find a lump, my sister, don't live in the land of what if. Because technology is better, medicine is better you will survive.

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